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An Our Introduction

Brief History of Mysore cabs

I am Surjit Rao. Born in 1955 as a proud Mysorean, I have spent 65 years of my life here. I would like to thank the city of Mysore for this pollution-free environment which helped me maintain my health. I used to play around the Mysore Palace gardens when I was young. One

more than 2 years old. We try to give you the best possible price compared to all other taxi services in Mysore. We are approved by the Karnataka Tourism Department.

Our cabs range from Toyota Etios, Desire, Innova to Tempo Travellers, and 52-seater buses. The main reason to choose Mysore Cabs is its price. Most cab services in Mysore tend to charge tourists exuberantly. We have drivers with years of experience trying to show you in and around Mysore for a reasonable price.

Tourists from all over India land at Bangalore Airport and are greeted by our driver who would take you to sightsee. Why waste time self-driving when you can relax and let us do the job.
So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and give us a call!

the day the then Maharaja of Mysore arrived at the palace in a fancy car. It was then that I dreamt of being the Maharaja’s personal chauffeur. I learnt driving but couldn’t work for the Maharaja. A prominent travel company in Mysore named “Fox Travels” hired me as a driver. I worked in that company for 15 years. In 2002, I bought my own Indica and sought experience as an owner-driver of my own vehicle. That motivated me to open my own cab company like my boss, Mr. Sachin, who stands as a great inspiration to me even to this day. My determination proved effective when I opened my own cab company called Mysore Cabs which has provided employment to around 40 people.

mysore.cab team

Our Aim

We wish to add 5 luxury vehicles to our fleet by 2022 considering customer preference. We are planning to introduce discount coupons and lower our rates in the near future. We also intend to open a branch in Bangalore by 2022.
By doing all of this, we aim to increase our customers from 3000 at present, to 5000 by 2022.



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