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It is very hard to get quality Cabs in Mysore at better price range. Only a few operators have succeeded in managing that. ‘’ is one amongst them. Be it the locals or the outsiders only look for the taxi fares but not the safety and quality. Understanding that, online cab operators provide taxis on the commission basis through online promotion. There are many instances where guests will get stranded on the road in case of vehicle breakdown due to lack of alternate arrangements. Therefore all taxi services in the market cannot be availed.

Our organization has played an important role in getting praise from the customers by providing quality for the past 20 years. Either Tourists visiting Mysore or the locals of Mysore would rather take taxis for their personal uses. but won’t go for altercation with drivers or the taxi agency owners. It is inevitable to care for the driver or the taxi in which they had travelled once. We travel for the sake of peace of mind. So we are constantly trying to provide Cab Services at the lowest rates with a driver compatible with you in the dream car you desire without wasting your valuable time in hassles.

As the COVID-19 cases in Mysore are gradually decreasing Mysore district is considered as a green zone. And the government has permitted us to travel in 100% capacity. Just because it is permitted, we can’t utilize all the Cab Services in Mysore. Since, we are going to have to inspect whether the vehicle is sanitized, whether the driver is vaccinated with 2nd dose, his health condition, and to what extent the travel agencies have taken the safety measures.

We are providing vehicles by taking all kinds of precautions from the beginning of COVID till now. We prioritize the traveler’s health and driver’s safety. Apart from that, all our staff are successfully vaccinated with 2nd dose.

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Mysore Cab Booking Number – Tap To Call +91 91645-91641

7 Safety Tips for Mysore Taxi Users.

♦  Get the driver’s name, number, and vehicle number before boarding the vehicle.

♦ Note down the kilometer reading before traveling.

♦ Examine the tyre condition and insurance of the vehicle in which you are traveling by yourself.

♦ Do not forget to wear the seat belt during travel.

♦ Pay the road toll charges yourself.

♦ Receive the booking confirmation through Whatsapp or mail after the advance taxi booking.

♦ Keep the correct document about the payment made to the office or the driver.

♦ Check your items and valuable jewels again before getting down from the vehicle or after your trip.

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Cancellation & Refund

There are many examples where customers pay 1000 or half of the booking amount through gpay or phonepe before booking the taxi without any confirmation or GST receipt and got deceived later BEWARE. As soon as the vehicle is booked at Mysore Cabs, confirmation mail and cancellation policy will be sent via company’s email. Advance amount will be taken through any person’s name. Company’s official account will be provided. In case of cancellation advance will be refunded to the same account number.

24/7 Customer Care

Even the most famous online taxi booking portals have failed to provide their contact numbers in case of any hassle. But we at have kept our call centre open 24 hours a day to favour the needs of the customer. A traveller can contact the provided number at anytime of the day in order to reach our customer care executive. 91645-91641 or drop mail to

Home Pickup And Drop

You will get so many taxi companies if you search for cabs in Mysore on the internet. Most of the companies start their pick up and drop reading from their travel office. But Mysore taxi company will start its journey reach to your pick up destination and shows the reading till the place you have been dropped. This way you will pay only for the taxi that you used from your place.

Reliable Drivers

We have Yellow board taxi driving license and RTO badge holding drivers working with us who have minimum 10 years to 15 years of experience in the driving field. Most of them are well versed in four to five languages and have thorough knowledge of the places in around Mysore. They have a very friendly and adjustable nature with the travelers. You can also check out the 5 star Google reviews given by the happy satisfied customers towards our drivers.

Taxi Fare in Mysore

Mysore Cabs is a reliable and affordable taxi service in Mysore. It offers a variety of vehicles to choose from, including hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs.

Vehicle NamePer KM Non A/c FarePer KM A/c FareDriver Batta
Dzire / Etios
Innova Crysta
Tempo Traveller

Trusted Taxi Service in Mysore

OTP or bank details will not be asked from the customer while booking cab services in Mysore.

In case of children travelling, our driver himself will activate the child lock. will take special care of women travelers. For that purpose, married drivers with 35 years of age are allocated.

  GPS has been installed to all the vehicles for the sake of safety.

Our telephone numbers will be active 24/7.

Thorough General check-up of the vehicle is done every 5000 kilometers.

Before allocating the drivers for long journeys and night journeys, he will be given a holiday to get enough rest.

We are The Best in Mysore Town

What Services do we offer to our clients

We make all kinds of vehicular and accommodation arrangements for tourists arriving at Mysore. Flight bookings, train bookings, hotels, resorts, homestays, cottages, sightseeing, pick up, and drop; we do them all.
We also arrange group tours and student tours. We also book trekking, campfires, tents, swimming, boathouses, and other such attractions in other destinations that you have already booked.
We have been in this business for 15 years and our staff is experienced in all the tourist requirements.
We would plan your trip the way you desire. We also have multilingual employees who are comfortable in English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. All our services are of the highest quality. We concentrate on customer satisfaction. Our representatives will respond immediately when you call.

Local Taxi In Mysore with Mysore-based drivers.

Remember, whenever you are visiting a local place, there will be a lot you can get if you are accompanied by the locals. Be it city areas or a local guide who knows where you will get what or a local taxi driver. Online cab operators hire drivers from outside and allot them to duty in Mysore. Since they don’t have local knowledge, a lack of coordination will occur between the tourists and the driver. The traveler will lose his intention of traveling. Therefore for the advantage of the customers, we have started hour-based taxi services with Mysore-based drivers. Air-conditioned cabs are being provided for 4 hours, 8 hours, and 10 hours.

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Best price guaranteed Outstation Cabs in Mysore

Are you coming to Mysore first time? Customers coming to Mysore will not book Mysore taxi service anywhere else than with us.
For travellers going from Mysore, we will provide the right guidance and taxi fare. And we will stay as friendly cab operators in their minds. Our new customers will visit our office, they’ll discuss for half an hour where they can go surrounding Mysore, the taxi fare for it and get all the details. Our patient officers provide all the essential information and take responsibility for tourists till they finish the tour and leave to their place from Mysore.

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Mysore to Bangalore Airport Taxi

To reduce the time taken to travel from Jasmine city Mysore to Garden city Bangalore by road, the government has spent a lot of money. The road has been developed so as to reduce the journey time from 3 hours to 90 minutes. Now the work of national highway 275 is 80% complete. Now the travel of Mysore to Bangalore through a cab can be done comfortably. Lot of people enjoy this road trip. That’s because while traveling from Mysore to Bangalore many historic places, Kaveri river and hills will come across the way. And also this road is famous for eateries. For example, sugar cane juice at Mandya, Maddur vada at Maddur, tatte idli at Bidadi, and many more eateries have gained their own popularity. Hence you won’t get bored during the trip. So why delay? is ready to serve all 24 hours of the day. has expert drivers for airport service. 

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Tourist Cabs in Mysore for Sightseeing

If you are worried about the cheap and quality Taxi in Mysore. is ready to answer both of them in a single place. We allocate the travel fare with respect to the traveler’s needs. Besides, travelers will get more than what they asked for.

It is best to get a minimum of 10 hours 100 km’s Mysore Local Taxi. If you want to know about the shops in the market, roam around Mysore city on foot so that the whole of Mysore will be acquainted with you. Ashoka Road, Sayyaji Rao Road, Urs Road are the chief center points of Mysore. These roads are connected to Mysore palace. Park Mysore sightseeing taxi anywhere. Our staff will successfully assist in Mysore local tour for you. We are standing awaited for you to take you to places you have not seen before. So contact us without further delay.

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Hi Taxi Users,

As Mysore’s prestigious Cab Services for 15 years, we welcome you.
Mysore is a small yet beautiful city comprising a 9.50 Lakh population. It attracts thousands of tourists towards it regularly. Karnataka state was called a Mysore state earlier. Mysore city was the capital city for the previous Mysore province. After the Karnataka state was formed the capital has been shifted to Bangalore. But still today we can the name ‘Mysore state’ can be seen in some of the older buildings of Mysore city. The older vehicles of Mysore had the registration as MY or MYM that can be seen to date. Over the years it has been changed to KA and we see KA 09 and KA 55 Registered vehicles running in Mysore city.

Mysore’s beauty is described in various ways. Mysore is not only famous for tourist attractions but also for the industries. It is also well known as the cleanest city in India. Many people think of having their house here after seeing the scenic beauty of Mysore. Many of them have realized the low cost of living here and have settled in Mysore itself.

15 years old Mysore cab tours and travels.

To enjoy the real grace of Mysore, hiring Mysore cabs is enough. Our Mysore Taxi which arrives wherever you ask to come will welcome you in traditional Mysore style. You will understand the real heritage of Mysore by yourself while you roam around in Mysore’s old streets. You can get to know the culture of Mysore by sitting in our air-conditioned car and also about the buildings, roads, circles, and parks of Mysore that were built during the tomes of maharajas. Similarly, observe the citizens of Mysore roaming in Old streets. They behave gently and courteously with the new tourists arriving at Mysore and respect them. They guide in a right way to the tourists and proudly introduce their Mysore to them

Mysore Cab Provides a Safe Ride

Mysore Cab Service gives prominence to the safe travel of its passengers. We provide experienced drivers while traveling at night. Also, we make sure that the driver has adequate rest before driving at night. We have been issuing Cabs to Mysore from Bangalore for a long time. Our drivers drive interstate long-distance travel at night and we also drive to other states.

We give special importance to the security of women passengers. Our divers at night include Prakash, Raju, Veeresh, Siddaraju, Jagadish, Naveen, Prashanth, Abdul, Ahmad. All of them are equally experienced in driving on South Indian roads. They have good knowledge about roads to avoid, shortcuts, hotels, toll plazas, police stations, hospitals, or any other help the customer might require. Our cars are fitted with GPS and child lock systems. Our office staff monitors the location of our cars and constantly communicate with our drivers.

Many cab services rent taxis and drivers and provide them to customers. Those rented cabs would not be maintained properly and the drivers would not be trustworthy.
We have our own cabs and we have our own drivers who are reliable.

How to Book Mysore Cabs

As soon as you fill-up the contact form on our website, we have an email that consists of your travel requirements. Immediately our executives will contact you by the means of phone or email and get complete details about your travel requirement and a cab will be made available for you.


+91 91645-91641

Also, you can order a taxi online

Mysore Cab Services
Address: #485, Hudco, Lakshmikanth Nagar, Hebbal 1st Stage, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016, India
Phone: +91 91645 91641

Precaution and safety from COVID 19 is our Priority

The safety and health care of our customers, chauffeurs, and executives is our primary objective.

Keeping the present COVID 19 situation in mind we are taking necessary actions. We sanitize the seats, doors, seatbelts, and windows every hour.

Health check-up for the drivers will be conducted every four days and drivers and vehicles will be changed once a week.

Apart from that, we have online arrangements for providing cash bills or receiving online payments.

Under any inevitable circumstances if you need to travel; avoiding the bus or train travel is the best option. This is mainly so as to maintain social distancing. So hereby Mysore cabs encourage you and other travelers to book the cab in order to ensure your safety.

Measures to prevent COVID pandemic:

  • If you have any symptoms of COVID 19 please stay at home.
  • Keep your hands and car clean and hygienic.
  • Keep washing your hands or before and after each trip use sanitizers to wash your hands.
  • Please do not litter in the cab.
  • Kindly take the back seat.
  • In order to increase the airflow roll down the windows.
  • Use the online payment options most of the time.
  • Do not eat outside food on the way.
    Wear the mask compulsorily while you are with us and our drivers.
  • Ask our driver to wear the mask always.

We also have car rental and Taxi Services in Mysore

Team Of Mysore Cabs

Who are we

Mysore Cab is known as a reliable taxi service company

Mysore Cabs has over 3000 customers who depend on it for their travels

In the year 2000, we had taken the Mumbai tour. During that, we had a terrible experience with the local taxis. Keeping in mind the atrocities we’ve been through in Mumbai we decided to start Mysore cab Service in 2006 in order to ensure a good and safe tour for the tourists visiting Mysore. Started with just 3 members during that time Mysore Cabs has 48 employees right now. We founded this taxi service while we were looking for providing service for the tourists arriving in Mysore.

Know More About Us in Detail

Mysore Trip made easy and Comfortable

Why do you have to Visit Mysore?

As soon as you get down at Mysore in train or bus first thing you’ll notice is Tanga carts. The traditional buildings of here will take you back to the royal grandeur of our Mysore maharajas. Mysore city is also called as Palace city or Yoga City. So many foreign tourists arrive here for yoga practice, capture the beauty of the city in their cameras, and spread the lineage of Mysore to the whole world.

If you plan a city tour for 2 days approximately 40 tourist attractions will welcome you with open hands. You just have to do one simple thing. Book a cab with which has 20 years experience in the travel business. keeps on modifying the cabs depending on the time and to the convenience of the tourists.
Mysore Taxi organization has vehicles from the ambassador, Tata Indica, Etios, Innova to Tempo Traveller to assist the tourists with respect to their budget and convenience. We provide whichever vehicle depending on the requirement.

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